This presentation and accompanying session notes, alongside the toolkit, will enable you to deliver Good practice in advice work with young people within your own teams. 

This session has been designed to work exclusively in partnership with the toolkit informed by our knowledge of best practice over the last 5 years. 

  • Have gained knowledge and understanding of using a whole person approach to advice work
  • Understand how a young person’s brain develops.
  • Be able to put in practice key principles of trauma aware practice and why this method can reduce barriers to young people engaging with the advice process
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of  services who may be engaged with young people

“Take more time to consider the particular communication needs and perspective of younger clients”

“I will be more mindful of what could be influencing a person's situation and thought processes”

“Encourage young people to problem solve for themselves and provide the information and support for them to do so. Utilise more of their own skills and personal experience to overcome their issue”



Session notes



Strengths based questions handout




Powerpoint Good practice in giving advice to young people