What does successful information-giving look like?

  • The young person understands why they need the information
  • The young person is able to use the information
  • The young person understands how the information relates to them
  • The information is up to date, accurate and relevant

By looking for information online with the young person you can also support them to develop a range of skills including:

  • Helping them to understand their rights and responsibilities 
  • Helping them to understand procedures involved in tackling their key issues
  • Helping them to express their wishes and needs in the process
  • Help to relieve their anxiety about the process

For many young people, we’ve found that best practice is to let them search for the information while you support them. Finding the information themselves can be empowering and give more ownership over the process. However it’s important to make sure they feel able to read and understand the information.

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“I had no idea about how everything at the department of work and pension and employment support allowance worked. Crossing over that barrier, not feeling alone and having help and support from my project worker gave me hope”