The Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) is a government body that regulates immigration advice. 

The OISC defines immigration advice as: 

  • Relating to an individual - this means the advice is tailored to the client and their situation 
  • About a relevant immigration matter - this means an immigration issue regulated by the OISC 
  • The OISC divides immigration advice and services into 3 levels, depending on the complexity of the work. 

All advisers at Citizens Advice can give level 1 immigration advice. This means there are lots of immigration issues they advise on. If you’re unsure about the information on the Citizens Advice website or online, please contact your local Citizens Advice office. 

What advice isn’t regulated 

Helping people work out what benefits and services they’re entitled to based on their immigration status isn’t regulated. For example, advice about the habitual residence test and the right to reside for benefits isn’t regulated by the OISC. 

This means you can give clients information on topics like housing and benefits without worrying about OISC regulation. 

You should always check your client’s immigration status and history to see if they need immigration advice - for example, if they don’t know they have to apply to the EU